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  1. Example API queries

    Our API is VERY flexible. The following are some example queries that accomplish common use cases that we see. The results returned by these examples are in JSON format. If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser, add an extension like JSONView which formats the response in an easy to read format.

    Simple Product Search

    First we have a simple product search with no filters applied. Mens Running Shoes

    PHP Code: 
    This returns a list of relevant products for the specified query. We automatically weight the results not only by relevance, but also by brand and merchant performance. You will always get back results that have a high probability of selling.

    Finding a specific merchant

    Maybe you want results from a specific merchant though. We provide an unchanging merchantId for each of our merchants. This ensures consistency across all of our api endpoints. If a merchant changes their name, or formats it differently, the id will stay the same. You can lookup the merchantId for any of our merchants here:

    or by sending a query to our merchant api. In this case I would like to find, so I use the filterDomain parameter and send a query over to the Merchant api endpoint:

    PHP Code: 
    Filtering Products by a specific merchantId

    The above query to the merchant api gave us back the merchantId for nordstrom: 127294

    Letís use this to perform the same Mens Running Shoes query, but limiting the products to Nordstrom only by using a merchantId filter &filterMerchantId=127294:
    PHP Code: 

    Filter product results by multiple MerchantIdís

    Now we see that all of our results are restricted to Nordstrom. Maybe we want results from Zappos (123473) as well. We can add that to the query using a pipe | as a separator. &filterMerchantId=127294|123473
    PHP Code:|123473&api_key=2faab4bcbd4ed51fd1706a7ee940bfe0 
    Change the number of results returned

    That works, but weíre only getting back a few results (10 by default). Letís use the limit parameter to bump that up to 1000 &limit=1000
    PHP Code:|123473&api_key=2faab4bcbd4ed51fd1706a7ee940bfe0&limit=1000 
    Enabling faceted search

    Faceted search is used on most popular ecommerce sites. This feature allows you the ability to display a list of brands, merchants, and categories associated with a search query. It helps your end users drill down to the specific products they want, and gives you a quick way to see all of the data returned by our api. &enableFacets=1 enables all facets, or we can specify the facets we want with a pipe separated list &enableFacets=brand|category|merchant

    PHP Code: 
    We see several new nodes added to the response including: productId (used for performing price comparisons), category, brand, merchantId, and merchant

    Returning the top 100 brands for a specific merchant

    Now that we know how to use facets, letís take a look at results for nordstrom and enable just the brand facet so we can get back a list of the top 100 brands along with a count of the number of products for each brand:

    PHP Code: 

    Filtering products by category

    Filters allow us to widdle down results to something very specific. In this example we will pull back womens sandals. All of our products across our merchants have normalized categories, so we can apply some advanced filtering based on category: shoes > women > sandals

    PHP Code: 
    Now we get back exactly what we were looking for. You can apply the same merchantId filters as before, or even specify a search query along with the filter.

    Multiple filters (Category and Brand)

    You can of course string multiple filters together. In this example we are looking for womens sandals that are from the brand Nike:

    PHP Code: 
    Query for a UPC
    Some of our merchants provide UPC level data in our api. You can find a product by UPC by simply including the UPC code in the query:

    PHP Code: 
    Query for top selling products with a date range and merchant filter
    The following query hits our trends api endpoint. This query will look at products sold in the month of November for the merchant Walmart, and return the keywords for those products.

    PHP Code: 

    Query for TwoTap supported products
    TwoTap allows you to offer a shopping cart and control the checkout process for visitors that come to your site. We offer the product data, and they handle the checkout process. Both our merchant and product api endpoints support a flag to filter ONLY the merchants that support TwoTap.
    PHP Code:
    Further, when enabled, the product api returns a special set of fields that you can pass off to the TwoTap api:
    PHP Code:
    PHP Code:
    . Here is an example product search query:

    PHP Code: 

  2. New to Prosperent? Start here!

    Welcome to Prosperent! Our mission here is simple. We create tools that help you earn more money from your traffic.

    If you aren't sure where to start, this video explains each of our different products. If you already know which of our products you'd like to use, scroll down and select which type of site you have. If you still aren't sure where to start, keep scrolling to see resources for our new users.

    Types of sites:

    1) Wordpress Users: Our Wordpress Plugin Suite - is the solution for you. With our plugin, you can easily add products to your posts, add a store to your site, select keywords that will always lead to an affiliate product, or ensure that every link you post to a specific merchant is an affiliate link.

    2) Developers: The amount of data we make available through our API is staggering. Scroll down to view our endpoints here and let your imagination take over. If you have an app, site, or tool that can use product data in any way, we would love to collaborate with you.

    3) Datafeed Users: Maybe you have an affiliate system that you already use that makes use of datafeeds. - It's easy to export Datafeeds from Prosperent that have products from any of our 4,500+ merchants.

    4) vBulletin Community Managers: Our vBulletin Plugin Suite allows you to add a fully featured product search engine to your site, or and makes it easier to add Performance Ads to your forum.


    1) Forum: Our Forum is very active and friendly. If you have a question, even if you think it's a stupid one, just ask. Our staff is consistently looking for ways to help. Frequently, our users jump in and assist as well. It's a great way to become part of the Prosperent Community to get new ideas and grow your revenue.

    2) FAQs: Our FAQs hold a huge amount of information that will provide direction.

    3) Mentorship Program: If you are still feeling lost, or you just need a little more hand holding, please take advantage of our Mentorship Program. These are users who want to help, and they have put together so many resources for you. Read about each one and when you see one you'd like to work with, simply message them for the password to their mentor area. They will help you install, take a look at your site, and answer any questions you have.

    4) Videos: Our YouTube Channel is constantly updated with new tutorials. If you have a particular question that you'd like answered, we're happy to make a video showing you exactly what you need to know.

    5) Try it Out: On this page, you can try the code out for yourself. Then by clicking view source, you can copy and paste the code to use on your own.

    6) Code and Application Examples: This sub forum shows examples of ways others have used our code on their sites to build stores, populate their apps and more. There is no better way to get your imagination going.

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