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  1. michael is a world wide affiliate also

    Quote Originally Posted by prosperent brian View Post
    We have enough data now from AvantLink and Affiliate Window merchants to start boosting their merchants up in our algorithm's. As a result, you should see even more high quality merchants and brands coming up in Prosperent's results
  2. n3u Niche Store 13.05.10 released

    Hello! n3u Niche Store version 13.05.10 has been released.

    Changes since 13.04.20:
    - Changed Categories Block Behavior on Admin Pages. Now when in Admin,
    provides Admin Page links.
    - Function n3u_Block() can now also return info in a multi-dimensional array
    - Function n3u_DirSize() can now count files in each directory and return
    files count. Also replaced sub_str() with round().
    - Fixed styling issues for blocks located in header. ...
  3. n3u Niche Store version 13.04.20 released

    Hello! n3u Niche Store version 13.04.20 has been released.

    Changes since 13.03.31:
    - Updated Contact Page
    -- If Email is not set, Contact page redirects back to homepage
    - Updated ProsperentApi library to 2.1.4
    - Error Reporting is now disabled from php (n3u_Defaults) instead of .htaccess
    - http '404 Not Found' header is now sent when no results are found.
    - Added Canonical URLs to both Privacy Policy and Terms pages
    - Added ...
  4. n3u Niche Store 13.03.31 released

    Hello! n3u Niche Store version 13.03.31 has been released.

    Changes since 13.03.11:
    – Reduced Image Caching to 45 days to reduce image folder size.
    – Added Item Feeds (Atom 1.0) and added to all search page headers.
    – Added auto creation of inc/custom_functions.php to prevent overwriting
    during upgrading. If the file exist, it’s included thus functions preserved.
    – Corrected incorrect version in n3u.php and better automated this process.
    – ...

    Updated 04-02-2013 at 11:12 PM by Strykerraven

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