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  1. First Commission?

    Quote Originally Posted by burua View Post
    I am new here can somebody help me on how to go about with this business?
  2. n3u Niche Store 14.02.20 is out!

    Changes since 13.10.20:
    - New Features:
    -- Messages - Messages show in Administration Panel to manage site-messages
    easily. Supports viewing messages from all stores in multi-store setups
    for quicker access. Messages can also be deleted from Admin Panel and
    pass through PHP's sanitize filters for safety. The Contact Form also
    deploys hidden fields that if populated will prevent messages from spam
    bots from being ...
  3. 3 Ways to Make Money with ProsperLinks

    Quote Originally Posted by tahir12 View Post
    Hi every body
    Thinking of shopping then
    Think of nordstrom
    Have a nice new year
  4. n3u Niche Store 13.10.20 is released!

    Changes since 13.09.07:
    - New Features:
    -- n3u Niche Store now supports multiple domains/installations and unique
    settings for each. Simply point your domains/subdomains to the same
    n3u Niche Store installation and setup each from it's own admin panel.
    Note that each domain does not see each other but will share core files
    assuming you leave the paths alone or configure all to match.
    - Changes:
    -- Seperated ...

    Updated 10-21-2013 at 10:31 PM by Strykerraven

  5. n3u Niche Store 13.09.07 is released!

    Hello all! n3u Niche Store version 13.09.07 has been released. This release adds new features, fixes stuff and seperates blocks so you'll need to download those separately.

    Changes since 13.05.10:
    - Changes:
    -- Updated ProsperentApi library to 2.1.9
    -- Increased results returned to 1000 items from initial limit of 100. This
    may change in the future if Prosperent changes the limit in the future.
    -- Added Prosperent Endpoint selection ...

    Updated 09-08-2013 at 12:58 AM by Strykerraven

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