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n3u Niche Store

n3u Niche Store 13.10.20 is released!

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Changes since 13.09.07:
- New Features:
-- n3u Niche Store now supports multiple domains/installations and unique
settings for each. Simply point your domains/subdomains to the same
n3u Niche Store installation and setup each from it's own admin panel.
Note that each domain does not see each other but will share core files
assuming you leave the paths alone or configure all to match.
- Changes:
-- Seperated administration css into it's own file within template folder.
This reduces page request size and speeds up page load time by not
needing to process unused CSS for non-admin visitors.
-- Error reporting now displays errors if debug mode is enabled but hides
them if debug mode is disabled.
-- CSS, JS & Search Result cache files now moved to cache/hostname. This is
to distinguish between various templates when used with multiple domains.
-- Moved custom pages from templates/template_name/custom/ to inc/custom/
This change will make custom pages show up between all templates. If
you've setup custom pages previously, you'll need to move them manually.
-- Also custom pages now gain the domain name they're created for. I.E.
test.php becomes yourdomain.net_test.php but this does not effect the URL
You'd still visit or depending on your CleanURLs setting.
- Block Specific:
-- Added Back To Top floating bar when page is scrolled, also auto-hides.
-- Updated Categories Block to include new Stores page.
-- Updated Feed Block to include credits link configurable from admin panel.
-- Updated Feed Block date formats to be based upon region.
-- Updated Feed Block limits.
-- Fixed bug with Feed Block items not displaying when caching is disabled.
- sfb Template Specific:
-- Categories Block now mimics look of n3u template.
- All Templates Specific:
-- As an additional SEO friendly fail-safe, Metatags are now used to prevent
search engines from indexing search, item and index pages when no results
are returned. This compliments the 404 not found header already returned.
-- Usual minor adjustments/cleanup.

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Updated 10-21-2013 at 09:31 PM by Strykerraven

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  1. herb's Avatar
    herb -
    is anyone reporting their niche sites, especially those running in subdomains, being considered by Googlepeople as Pure Spam?
  2. Strykerraven's Avatar
    Strykerraven -
    If anyone is running into this problem, Please see:
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