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n3u Niche Store

n3u Niche Store 14.02.20 is out!

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Changes since 13.10.20:
- New Features:
-- Messages - Messages show in Administration Panel to manage site-messages
easily. Supports viewing messages from all stores in multi-store setups
for quicker access. Messages can also be deleted from Admin Panel and
pass through PHP's sanitize filters for safety. The Contact Form also
deploys hidden fields that if populated will prevent messages from spam
bots from being sent. This is in addition to the optional reCaptcha which
is highly recommended unless you have plans to install something else.
Also added a check-box so visitors must confirm they agree to your Terms
and Privacy Policy before contacting you. Duplicate messages that are
submitted with the same name + e-mail + comments will overwrite
themselves reducing the possibility of duplicate messages.
-- Seamless Scrolling - This requested feature is made possible by jScroll.
n3u Niche Store fully integrated jScroll with its existing Pagination
structure. Should a visitor view your site and have java-script disabled,
n3u Niche Store will safely display the traditional Pagination instead.
Pagination is removed with seamless scrolling to prevent Pagination
clutter which helps to create a seamless and modern browsing experience.
Seamless Scrolling is featured in all templates except for lite. Should
you prefer to disable this, you will need to open the templates main js
file and remove the line that mentions jScroll and delete from the
templates folder the file named jquery.jscroll.min.js
-- Index Page is now smarter and will better detect blank images and show a
"No Image" png in place of the blank image when Caching is enabled.
-- SEO Improvement - Added Markup to Search and Item Pages.
-- Block system has been rewritten. Blocks no longer determine position or
order via filenames or paths. Instead, These values are now read/written
from/to a single hostname_block_config.php file that contains values for
all blocks. Block positions and sorting orders may still be fully
configured through the Admin Panel. Blocks are automatically deleted and
added to the block_config if removed or added to the Blocks directory.
Going forward, Blocks will no longer risk being duplicate and thus Blocks
will again be packaged in each release as opposed to downloading them
separately. By default blocks will be disabled and need to be enabled in
the Admin Panel.
- Changes:
-- Updated jQuery to version 2.1.0
-- Dir_Sizes are now cached if caching is enabled. This will greatly speedup
the admin dashboard loading times. To keep results of caching sizes more
current, this cache expires/renews on 1/4th of the cache lifetime.
Thus if the lifetime is 24 hours, this will cache for 6 hours.
-- Separated Admin Style for easier management.
-- Cleaned up the display of Debugging Info.
-- Improved detection of blank images, These should no longer be cached.
-- With the introduction of the new Message feature, server reliance on the
mail() protocol has been phased out. Should you need to reply to a
message, You may click the senders email address and your operating
systems default email client or web browser will auto-fill with the data.
-- Cleaned up Admin Panel and removed many of the auto-collapse legends.
Also styled a few things to create a more consistent browsing experience.
-- Updated some language settings
-- Updated copyrights to reflect 2014.
-- Increase checking of Image Cache Expiration from 45 days to 60 days old.
-- Many adjustments, cleanup and optimizations to existing code.
-- The include_dir is now automatically created if one don't exist.
-- Added the msg_dir configVar (automatically created if one don't exist)
-- Fixed img_dir not remembering path settings when updated from default.
- Block Specific:
-- Updated Banner Rotator block to include block position styling.
-- Updated Categories Block with new Admin links.
-- Updated Back To Top styling.
- Template Specific:
-- On n3u template, The Top Menu is now fully centered. Also added little
drop down tri-angle.
-- Deleted admin.php and TemplateName_admin.css files from all templates
since the Admin Panel is now considered a separate single template.
-- Added new template, BlueJay (available on the web-site).
-- Fix bug where the Auto-linking of search terms/merchants and brands were
injecting links into the meta description on all templates.
-- SEO Improvement: Meta Descriptions are now limited to 160 characters max
for item pages since other pages use shorter descriptions currently.
-- SEO Improvement: W3C recommends titles are no longer than 64 characters.
This is done by limiting the title to 55 Characters + SiteName to allow
for a 9 character buffer to be reserved for the sites title.
-- Fixed Merchant and Brand links for search result pages on all templates.
Brands/Merchants now link to specific searches instead as first intended.
-- Numerous style changes/fixes to each template.

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