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n3u Niche Store

n3u Niche Store 13.09.07 is released!

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Hello all! n3u Niche Store version 13.09.07 has been released. This release adds new features, fixes stuff and seperates blocks so you'll need to download those separately.

Changes since 13.05.10:
- Changes:
-- Updated ProsperentApi library to 2.1.9
-- Increased results returned to 1000 items from initial limit of 100. This
may change in the future if Prosperent changes the limit in the future.
-- Added Prosperent Endpoint selection to Search Settings in Admin Panel.
Currently supports Canada, United Kingdom, and United States.
-- Added Commission stats to Statistics and Dashboard pages in Admin Panel.
-- Added ability to specify cache cleanup frequency on the Admin Cache page
-- Added function n3u_CustomPages which returns an array of custom pages.
-- Added a Twitter follow button and Paypal button to the Admin Support page
-- Updated ordering of CSS, Now block CSS is loaded before template CSS.
-- n3u_FetchFeed now supports caching.
- Fixes:
-- Fixed issues where Performance Ads were not displaying.
-- Fixed "Pages" page in Admin, Now displays correct example links if
n3u Niche Store is installed to a sub-directory.
- Block Specific:
-- Added CSS classes for blocks sorting orders to all templates.
-- Removed all blocks out of default package. This is to avoid duplicate
blocks when updating etc. Now you must download each block you want and
upload to the blocks directory separately. As blocks are updated, they'll
receive a post of their own on This will also help keep n3u
Niche Store light by not including the blocks that you may not want
(and allow more to be available without fear of getting too big).
- n3u Template Specific:
-- Some Admin Pages now show up in the top menu
-- Custom Pages now show up in the top menu
- All Templates Specific:
-- Added Savings information to search and item results.
-- Added Currency types based on the Prosperent Endpoint selected.
-- Cleaned up price CSS
-- Added Categories & Other page links to index page so site can be fully
navigated by visitors even with all blocks disabled.
-- Added CSS for default Block view based on sorted position
-- Templates now look for a style.php for dynamic css to include if exist.
-- Minor adjustments/cleanup.

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Updated 09-07-2013 at 11:58 PM by Strykerraven

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