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    Free Search Script version 2

    I updated the free search script example to what I would consider version 2. It has the following:

    Product search
    Performance Ads
    Price Sorting
    Image Search
    Coupon Search
    Celebrity Search

    It's still rough code, and mainly used as an example so you can understand the various filters and queries you can send to the api. This also has all of the fixes posted in the other thread. Should work fine out of the box.

    Upload it to a domain in the /search directory

    Edit each file and change the api key, user id for performance ads, domain name, and check the other config options. (unless you want to send me free traffic and money). Modify the script and post any mods/updates here so others can learn from the examples.
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    Hi Brian

    Thank you ; this is a great deal ; yes works out of the box - minor changes / updates [code on index.php missing a subroutine - fixed it! ] .

    About pagiation [over 50 / 100 products... page 2.. page 3... etc] - this is the only thing it needs to work 100% ; this is primarly an SEO issue.... Fixes?

    Also ; is this code free to use in any project? can it be re-sold as part [or full with design/customization] of a project to a third party?

    Although my primary goal are my own projects; in the future opportunities may present themselves and I want
    to make sure all my "i"s are dottted, "ts" crossed.

    Please advise.

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    We will add in pagination shortly. We will also add a simple jquery auto complete to the search bar. We have found that those aide in site navigation, but most people don't know how to set them up properly.

    As far as use goes, anything you want to do with it i'm fine with. If you mod it and sell it, that's not a problem.

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    perfect - thanks so much for a quality product and solution.

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    hi brian,

    thank you for the solution above. How can i integrate the pagination? its not included in the version available above.
    Thanks in advance.

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    We will also add a simple jquery auto complete to the search bar.
    Any news on this? Has an example been posted elsewhere here on the forums?

    I've used other jquery auto suggest/completes, but how are you pulling the 'suggests' from the API? Obviously I don't want it to auto complete an item that isn't even in the API.

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    The auto complete queries against the keyword field, so you just send over a query with a keyword filter, and pause the javascript so it doesn't send a new api request for every letter typed. We typically start a query after 3 letters are typed, and have a couple second pause to make sure they are done typing. Also make sure your queries are sent over using enableFullData=false so you pull back a minimal amount of data on each api call.

    I need to post the update with pagination. We will get one up with the auto complete as well though.

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    products.php with pagination added.
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    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for sharing this, I am trying to adapt your code for our coupon search. On our website, we would like to show a selection of coupons for men, women and kids, specifying some categories for each target (men, women or kids) and type of promotions.

    I've spent too many hours playing with filterKeyword, extendedQuery, filterCategory... without any good results.

    What I want to do is, for example: get every coupon for men shoes, men jeans, men socks, men watch + electronic, tablet, dvd, laptop bag, camera.

    This my request from your file: coupons.php:
    PHP Code:
    $prosperentApi = new Prosperent_Api(array(
    'api_key' => $apiKey,
    'query' => $trimmed,
    'filterKeywords' => array('*shoe*''*watch*''*jacket*''*cufflink*''*jeans*''*socks*''*tablet*''*electronic*''*camera*''*dvd*''*laptopbag*'),
    'visitor_ip' => $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'],
    'channel_id' => 0,
    'page' => 1,
    'imageSize' => '120x60',
    'sortPrice' => $sort,
    'limit' => $serpLimit,
    'filterPromo' => array('*70% off*''*40% off*''*30% off*''*code*''!free shipping''!Free Shipping')
    $results $prosperentApi->fetchCoupons();
    foreach (
    $prosperentApi->getData() as $record
        { ...
    here the html way to show the result... } 
    and it only returns 10 results...

    Lucie (PHP begginner)

    Thanks for your help

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    I'll play around with it and see if I can come up with something better. Unfortunately, most coupons are not very well categorized from the networks/merchants. We have a solution for this that we are working on that involves a combination of hand inspection and some automated checks. I will keep you up to date on that, it should really increase our coupon quality.

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