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    Do I need to upload this to my site. I have no clue about codes but I have started using and I can see on my site that I had a few clicks here so I wanted to check and they are not showing up here on the stats, do you have any suggestions? So my question is two part. 1. Do I need to upload this attached file somewhere and if I am not seeing the traffic hear and i double checked the api in my site vs hear and they are correct, any suggestions?

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    Let's start from the beginning. What type of web site do you have?

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    Hello there I am new to prosperent and just want to say hi to everybody. I've been reading through all the blog and see a lot of familiar people that contribute regularly here. Good to see a great knowledge base of not only the prosperent crew but everybody that contributes their opinions and ideas and some great solutions.

    I downloaded this file to see what the API could do and I am very excited about what I can accomplish by using this database for my sites. A couple of things that I should mention I found in the file to help someone else out is on the index.php page the <?=extractFirst($record['description'])?> That is set up for the coupons needs a call of action for the<? function extractFirst($text,$num=4) in the head for it to work.

    Also on the index.php page $siteNname is not the right selector just a simple little addition of a letter ,it should read $siteName. I have a question about having a single product page that links off of each individual product. I'd like to create the bigger image and description with other popular searches or other people also look that these products below that larger description. Does someone have say a single product page that they would like to share that could work with the php structure here with me to help me out.

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    Anyone have sale when use this script? Please share, how to use this script to make more sales

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    I generate sales daily with the script. I have it attached to my old automotive message forum, so it gets plenty of traffic.

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    Just trying this script to my subdomain.
    Already change $paUserId = '219034' to my paUserId in all .php file, but the ads still have the old ID in the link when I test it. Like this :

    How to change it to my paUserId?

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    Simple question but it has me baffled...where can I find my paUserId?

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    It's the 6 digit userid at the top of the forum. The script actually needs to be updated to the new performance ad code though. If you create a new campaign in your account, you can generate a performance ad to replace the code in the script.

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    Sorry to ask, but what exactly this script is about?


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