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    Export a CSV file from our api

    Most of you may not be aware, but you can export a CSV from our system by simply adding a couple parameters to your api request. Almost all of our endpoints support this functionality, so you can export product datafeeds, coupons, even trend data. The parameters are in the api docs at the very top of each endpoints page:
    PHP Code:
    CSV Export URL
    With export URLsyou can simply add
    use gzip or zip compression
    With a current api limit of 1,000 results per query, you should be able to get what you need. Look for us to build an interface to make this easier in the future.

    Here are a few examples:

    PHP Code: 
    The above url will export a gzip compressed csv with a query of shoes and a limit of 100

    All you need to do to create your own csv is replace the api key highlighted below with your own from our interface. This will ensure that all generated CSV files have YOUR Prosperent userid in them:
    &query=shoes is where you set the query to search

    &limit=100 is where you set the number of records you want to get back in your CSV.

    You can of course add lots of different filters to your queries to get back more precise results. If you wanted to limit the results to a particular merchant you could use:


    Here is a full list of filters you can use. These are all available in our api documentation. If you are pulling coupons, you can view the list of coupon filters, travel filters for the travel endpoint, etc.
    PHP Code:
    =Filter by brand

    =Filter by catalogId

    =Filter by category

    =Filter by celebrity

    =Filter by keyword

    =Filter by keywords

    =Filter by merchant

    =Filter by productId 

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    BTW, I've played around with this and the functionality is broken for the coupons, travel, & deals APIs as far as I can tell. I know the products, merchants, and brands definitely works according to the API documentation.

    I think the API docs need updating for coupons, travel, & deals also.



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    Good catch. For coupons it should be

    I'll make sure that gets updated in the next round.

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    If you have a compelling reason for it, pm me and I can raise your export limit to 10,000 records per request. We're keeping the number of people with this access to a minimum though since it is so resource intensive.

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    Did the API limit get reduced to 100?

    I ran a query yesterday and pulled back 1000 records but today I can't get more than 100.

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    It appears to be back to 1000 again this morning!

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    Can someone please post here the url for downloading lets say 500 products from a specific merchant (example zappos)


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    Definitely, that's an easy one:

    Searches for shoes from with a limit of 500

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    Ahhhh thx
    i found my error i wasnt putting the query

    Do i have to put always a query?

    Lets say i want all products (or at least 1k) from a merchant? Can i do something? (i know we have a limit of 1000 records)

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