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Thread: Referral Link

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    Referral Link

    I've been apart of many referral "schemes" (I still earn $50 or so a month from my ISP which I stopped referring 5 years ago)

    They had an interesting feature, you could add your referral code to any URL on their site and the visitor will be cookied.

    So I would link and recommend products and just add /ref/1234 at the end.

    Instead of just redirecting to the front-page of prosperent, would it be possible to link to a post (as an example) or the sign-up page etc from wherever and get the user cookied with my referral ID?

    It would help in some write-ups and recommendations to not send the user to some arb page but to something specific like "How to get started" thread and so forth.

    Just an idea to fly by you.

    Also, on a different note, does the last cookie win, or does the first person who cookied the user get the referral? (just wondering)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AcidRaZor View Post
    Instead of just redirecting to the front-page of prosperent, would it be possible to link to a post (as an example) or the sign-up page etc from wherever and get the user cookied with my referral ID?
    I was also wondering the same thing in terms of sending people to the plugin landing page ( Also it'd be a good idea to update this page with the most current information.

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    send traffic FROM a how to guide maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by garydubbs View Post
    send traffic FROM a how to guide maybe?
    Sure. But I dont want the click to land up on their front page and have the user click again to sign up. Id like to send them directly to the sign up page.

    Also, I don't want to write huge articles to link, when Brian posts something interesting on the forum (like server tweak or news about new things in the API), I'd like to "report on it" with a blog post and simply link to his post, but with my referral code that sends them to the post, and not just prosperent front page

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    Sorry to bump such an old thread, but is this possible? Can we add our affiliate/referral code to any url on the prosperent site and get credited for a new member?



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    None of the Prosperent team actioned this as far as I know, I would still love this feature. The referrals I did have come on my name never made any money. One other feature I would have liked is to be able to email my downline so that I could coach them a little, but Brian said "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE"

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    Wow, you again,!!! You've been a ton of help today - thank you!

    I can understand them not wanting us to email our downline from inside Prosperent. That has a yucky MLM/network marketing feel to it....and we certainly don't want that impression. Nor give the impression that Prosperent isn't extrememly diligent with personal info, etc... ya know?

    BUT, being able to pop our referral code to the end of any url would be WONDERFUL.. SUPER helpful...and very powerful.

    There is very, very limited GOOD information about the actual use of Prosperent online. I've had to break the snot out of things to figure them out, but breaking things into making them work is one of my specialties..haha!

    But these referral things are starting to make me see why those who are doing well with Prosperent aren't spilling anything juicy to the public - why do that for free and create competition for yourself? But, all that said, even tho I could spread the word to my lists, readers, other training students, etc... I'm kinda liking Prosperent a lot and wouldn't hate keeping it to myself...haha!


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    I know there's a few members here who makes a lot by just referring and not actively linking to products etc One man's hard work is another's 5%

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    Oh and regarding emailing from within Prosperent, that's not what I was suggesting. I just want to be able to verify user xyz has signed up through my referral link. Much like how many SEO tools/people email you on a weekly basis with tips, and then referring you to the tools they use through their affiliate code, I'd like to be able to say "oh person xyz signed up to my mailing list and is my affiliate, lets send them tips and tricks" compared to "this user didn't sign up through my referral link, lets not give them the bonus tips but only tricks"

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    We have discussed this many time and have always comee to the conclusion that it opens up too many privacy issues. If you are referring people and training them, it is your duty to grab their e-mail info and such when they are on your own site. Otherwise, we have no way of verifying that the person is ok with you messaging them. It opens up a can of worms and lots of extra work on our side.

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