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Thread: Referral Link

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    Quote Originally Posted by prosperent brian View Post
    We have discussed this many time and have always comee to the conclusion that it opens up too many privacy issues. If you are referring people and training them, it is your duty to grab their e-mail info and such when they are on your own site. Otherwise, we have no way of verifying that the person is ok with you messaging them. It opens up a can of worms and lots of extra work on our side.
    Yup, what I'm saying is though:

    Person A gives email on my site
    It directs them to Prosperent
    They use same email (hopefully) to sign up for service
    Prosperent lets me know user X has been successfully referred (think PayPal's response to your site after user successfully bought something)
    The consent to email happens on my side, so all you do is verify this user is up and running on your side.
    Then I can give them their freebies and coaching advice etc

    But it's fine. I know you guys are busy with a crap ton of other stuff

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    Absolutely agree, Brian. Those people signed up with Prosperent - not with the referring affiliate.

    Like Acid, I have no desire at all to see that happen. I can make my own email lists, G+ groups, etc for those that want help from me.

    All I want, again, like Acid said, is a way to look inside my dashboard and be able to confirm that someone DID sign up to Prosperent via my referral link.

    I don't need their name or email address or anything sensitive like that. If all I can see is their affiliate number right when they sign up, that is plenty and I can totally work with that.

    Sure, I'd LOVE some more advanced things - tracking ids, being able to link to various urls on the Prosperent site with my referral code attached, etc. I'm an affiliate so the need to track my referral campaigns is a big deal to me.

    Also, another quick question -

    The commission split is 70% for the affiliate and 30% to Prosperent, correct?

    If I refer someone, and they make a sale, it is 70% to them the affiliate, 5% to me (the referring affiliate) and 25% to Prosperent?

    Or, does that 5% come out of the 70% (meaning the affiliate of the sale gets 65% instead of 70%)?

    Just want to be sure on that before moving forward.



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    The 5% comes out of our cut, so 70 to the publisher 25 to Prosperent.

    We will have another discussion about this and see what we can come up with. We might be able to figure out something that makes everyone happy

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    Thank you for clarifying.

    And that would be wonderful. Thank you for making that extra effort!


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    yeah i would like to see something as i lost a ref or two with the current system

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    Quick question.... Does this way to link to forum posts here with our referral id included still work?<your user id>?url=<community url here>

    Talked about in this post here from Prosperent Mike:

    That thread also goes on to say:

    ...if you try to send the URL to, it will redirect to the home page. This only works for community URLs.

    If you want to keep your refid in prosperent pages use:<your user id>. Basically add /ref/<your user id> to the end of our public site URLs.

    There's a caveat to this, if you want to send them to a specific "main" page like /merchants, you have to include the index page:<your user id>
    Does all of that still apply and referral ids ARE tracked appropriately?

    Also - sorry to be a pest about this, BUT... <grin> -

    Any update as to when/if we will be able to see the affiliate id numbers of our referrals inside our dashboard?

    I know that is FAR from the top of your list, I get that.... I've got about 20 referrals right now from a small, private Google+ group I run. I'm helping them get going with the plugin.

    I'd like to up my recommendation of Prosperent to my emails lists etc, but would prefer to wait until that one feature is available inside our dashboard (if it ever will be).

    Thanks so much!


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    You guys are having Thanksgiving and stuff so I doubt anything would have been done, give it a couple of weeks

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    You mean.... be patient? Uh boy, that is so NOT my specialty...haha! I'll try tho

    Yep, even tho I cooked yesterday, I still forgot yesterday was Thanksgiving. I'm an affiliate marketer - once those dishes are done, I am off and running working on everything and anything for this most magical time of year. My folks and I have been primarily Amazon over the years, but now that I have ideas and stuff for them to work with many other physical product affiliate programs, I am chomping at the bit.

    But I'll be patient.... maybe


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    Looks as though when a referral makes a sale, you DO get to see their affiliate ID in your reports. That's something..... and kinda cool that one of my folks has already made a sale! It's an itty-bitty sale, but it's a FIRST SALE


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    We currently have at least a dozen high priority tasks that the team is working on. If this is something we can squeeze into one of those as a side item, we will get it done. Otherwise, it's going to be a while.

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