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    Templates for Sale

    I recently found the 2nd template pack I wanted to convert and sell for MFPmu that I had designed by a professional web designer, as well as the first template pack I offered over here

    Same features apply, but it's not MFPmu ready out of the box, so you can use this with any Prosperent software out there, even your own.

    Here is a quick recap of what I offer
    • 2 Unique designs (one is MFPmu ready out of the box, including the raw HTML)
    • 4 different color schemes per design
    • HTML in <table> AND <div> type mark-up with unique CSS, giving you 2 uniquely programmed templates per color scheme which looks different to Google. Effectively giving you 16 unique templates professionally designed for the same price

    These are the colors you'll get (and I'm sure the more tech-savvy can change them)

    Here are the screenshots:

    I'm asking $25 for both Template packs.

    I'll send out these as orders come in, there might be a slight delay in terms of time difference and the offer can stop at any moment (I'll edit this post if it does)

    If you've bought the previous template pack from me for MFPmu, feel free to PM me and I'll give you both packs for free, unmodified, to modify as you wish, provided of course you provide proof of purchase of the first (which I will verify)

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    just a quick note, I'll be on the road for the next 48 hours, so will be unavailable to fulfill any orders in that time. I should be back online by Monday the 24th

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    Quote Originally Posted by blogmaster2003 View Post
    Have a good trip.
    Thanks man, wish I could say it was fun

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