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  1. #91
    This plugin change my url from to and now i'm getting error with all my link in my website. How to fix it?

  2. #92
    do you have more simple script ?
    that plugins make sick n tired.

  3. #93
    What functionality are you attempting to add to your blog?

  4. #94
    Hi i just want to know to add description for each query when we try to index a page etc when i see my index pages there is no keyword just useless buy etc words i wish that if that is possible when i see my index search query paste a link in google it shows me the product description not that buy etc words. I am using wordpress plugin suite and i need that option in shop. Suppose when i try to find a product in search i index that product i wish the original description of the product or please tell me any solution. otherwise anyway is to post each product and then gives manually one by one

  5. #95
    hciic: The Prosperent Shop description is already SEO optimized. When you do a search on your site, and that query gets indexed by Google, the description that Google uses is the first product description in the search results list. For product pages, the indexed meta description would be the product description.

    However, when you paste your indexed url's in Google search (i.e. when you are trying to see how it shows up in Google results), the description being shown is going to be different based on the way Google does things. They try to highlight the search keyword you did in Google within the description snippet. Thus, if you are searching for a url, the snippet is going to look strange as they try to display where the url showed up on that indexed page.

    From my experience, unless the Google search keyword is in your SEO meta description, you will likely see a snippet description that differs from the meta description you thought you had set.

  6. #96

    Anything like the Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer in the works. I tested this and it work great for importing products into a woocommerce theme. Let me know yoiur ideas and thoughts


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