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    Please delete

    Please delete
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    Can you post a screen shot of the analytics for this domain for the last 1 year.

    I ask for the screen shot because, history of the domain tells a story about the domain getting hit by Panda sometimes in September-October 2012 and has not recovered from that till now.
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    I have not done any marketing with this site almost all year, before I was doing some stuff and that is the reason why alexa ranking dropped from 1.400.000 to 6.200.000. You have to find way how to drive traffic to make money with this web site. Obviously I'm not selling web site with cash flow for only $300. If you don't trust this domain you can use different domain.

    This web site was mentioned by Brian as one of the best web sites using Prosperent API. So I'm sure that you don't find any better for this price.

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    coding alone in this site is worth well over $300, its ridiculous a site like this gets penalized but it is the new google

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    One of the highest quality sites I have seen from a feature standpoint. Easily on par with the major shopping comparison engines out there. I'm half tempted to pick it up at that price.

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