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    How do I know what I am being paid?


    We now display Unfunded, Funded, and last paid in the interface.

    unfunded commissions are those that haven't been paid by the merchants.

    Funded commissions are those that we have been paid for and will pay you for during the next payment cycle.

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    hallo Mr.Prosperent Brian, my commission report in desember when this payout, thank you

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    The commission you are showing was adjusted. This means the person returned the item.

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    A bit confused,

    You haven't done locking, right? If so, does that mean the amount of funded is still possible to increase in the next couple of days when you officially state "commission locked"?
    Is the time of commission locking different between networks/merchants?

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    We have already locked. Locking takes place at different times for different networks, but only once for Prosperent. The amount in funded is what we have been paid for, and is what you will be paid at the end of the month.

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