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    Waiting for almost 40 days to get payment from payoneer

    Today their support said that they are trying to solve something technical. However they have been trying to solve something for almost 40 days and they didn't succeed.

    I have done everything I could, I even traveled to another town 3 hours away (twice) to open a bank account in the a bank they suggested - a bank they actually send bank transfers to successfully in the past.

    Could someone from Prosperent contact Payoneer and tell them to kindly send me the payment and escalate the ticket to a Payoneer's higher support department. The ticket number: LTK1215304132474X.

    I wished to see "Funds transferred in as little as 1-3 business days" as they claim on their site.

    I got 39 (30+ business I guess) + X days of waiting. Where X could be anything.
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    Thanks. This was a 2 minute support. The fastest I even seen.

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    If you ever have an issue again let me know and I will contact them.

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    Hi, please contact them again as I have to change the bank account again.

    I got this message in my inbox after contacting their support (3 days ago): "Your question has been received. Your inquiry is important to us.Our staff will contact you within 3 business days."

    It has been 3 days and I didn't get any answer from them. The ticket reference number: 141117-002766
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    Dude, I stopped using Payoneer because their support is terrible. I logged several calls, got several reference numbers, and over a 6 month period, got 0 replies. I had to contact Nissim myself (I think his email is floating around here somewhere) before anything happened.

    They even launched a campaign where you could "win" $100 if you use them to get paid LOL. Fuck that, the only way I'll go back to using Payoneer is if they drop their monthly fees to $0 and actually do some fucking support when you need it.

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    Well i only got it solved last time after Bryan contacted them. I have no other options than payoneer unfortunately.

    Now it seems they even abounded their own forum. It wasn't like this before.

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