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    Coupon API how to correctly filter

    I’ve been playing around with the coupon API for a while, but I am drawing a blank.

    I have a beauty products coupon site (coupons for make up, fragrances, cosmetics. skin care, etc.)

    Now, what I am trying to accomplish is to query the coupon API so that I get back high quality coupons related to beauty products.

    For my purposes a coupon is “high quality” if it provides some saving such as a discount or free gift, or free shipping etc.

    So I want to make sure that the coupons returned from my query are:

    1) related to beauty products and
    2) provide some explicit saving or benefit.

    Following is a query I have tried, but which returns lots of extraneous results.<my api key>&limit=100&visitor_ip= l&filterMerchant=!LivingSocial&filterPromo=!null&e xtendedQuery=%22beauty%22

    I tried to use the category filter, hoping that there was a “beauty” category, but no luck.

    So, my question is, what query would you use to accomplish what I am trying to do?

    Thank you in advance,

    Mark at onestopshoppinglist dot com

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    Try &filterCategory=*beauty**beauty*

    That call gives results but not with the other filters you are applying, so it looks like we don't have coupons matching beauty where city=null and merchant!=LivingSocial

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    Thanks for the reply Andrew.

    Unfortunately for me, that query returns lots of local services.

    What I am trying to accomplish is to filter out local services (beauty salons, day spas etc. )

    I'm trying to filter in real products sold on the Internet.

    How would I accomplish that?

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