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    Prosperent Merchant list

    We are often asked for a merchant list. Few people know that we added it to our home page menu when we redesigned the site. You can see a list here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by prosperent brian View Post
    This includes all merchants with at least one sale. We are working on bringing you a full list with more data soon.
    The list has been updated recently and now contains all merchants regardless the number of sales.

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    Where can I view merchants that are recently added?

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    Just sort the merchant list on our home page by date added Or any of the other fields on that page

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    Also, when creating the 'Insert', is there a way to create your own widgets with products individual chosen??

    Example post titled '5 boots for fall' - and embedding the chosen products for that post..

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    You could set the limit to 1 for the insert and select a very specific keyword, or even filter that with a merchant and brand.

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    Was also thinking about that... THANKS!

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