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    As in regards to S.E.O - is prosperent products visible in search engines?

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    Definitely! Every product is indexable as content on your site. I have a site built using our API that has 13 million products indexed.

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    Also, is there a way to display new items?
    Example if I want to show certain merchants and filter it by new products and display it as ''

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    We show the top selling products weighted by merchant and brand performance network wide. You typically don't want to mess with that

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    Ok. Thank you!
    By the way I have been searching for a plugin like yours with great customer support & great merchants - life saver!!!!

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    In the future I will tend to work with other brands as well - how can they add their brand to Prosperent?

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    Into the new update of the suite, I see that there is a new filter on the left side of the results. For design preference what is the Css name for the sidebar filter?

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