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    Preferred Customization challenges on oojaonline .com
    Please help out. These are the challenges:

    1 : How to create automatic post for each product from single Brand/Merchant or group of Brand/Merchant?
    2.How to setup multiple shops for different Brand/Merchant.
    3.Some manually created product post can not be deleted.How to do this?

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    Don't be annoying and double post. We're all helpful and answer people's questions, chances are you will get a reply within a day or so. Patience is a virtue, if you don't want to be patient, then use Google to find your answers.

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    Hi - I just want to make sure I get this: I don't need to have individual merchant approval in order to use the deep link feature through Prosperent, do I?

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    Your referring location url needs to be in the deeplink url, and that referring URL needs to be reviewed by us to give you access to the merchants.

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    It's been a while - the referring location url is the page on my site that the user is on when clicking on the merchant product, right? What I am wanting to know is that
    if I am already a Prosperent publisher (I am - I have an api key) will I get commissions for someone that clicks on the merchant having deep linking in your merchant endpoint WITHOUT having to have some kind of approval directly from the merchant? For example, AnimalDen is in your merchant endpoint as having deep linking. If I list one of their page links on my site and a consumer clicks on it - as long as that deep link goes to prosperent with my api key and my referring location url, I stand to get a commission if they buy the product - even if I have no prior relationship with AnimalDen. Is that right?

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    Hi, Please see my last post - I still am not sure what the answer is. thanks.

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    As long as your site is reviewed (the one matching the referring location) and you don't see that merchant on the Excluded Merchant list,

    Then yes.

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