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    NEW: Phrase Linker

    We rolled out a new addition to our link api today called Phrase Linker. Phrase Linker, as the name implies takes any keyword or phrase, searches our system for a product, and spits back a Prosperent affiliate url for that product.

    url for this endpoint is:
    PHP Code: 
    parameters are:
    PHP Code:
    Your request url should look like this:

    PHP Code:<YOUR API KEY>&sid=MYSID&phrase=<PHRASE> 
    Or, instead of printing back the url, you can have the url automatically redirect by changing /url? to /redirect?:

    PHP Code:<YOUR API KEY>&sid=MYSID&phrase=<PHRASE> 
    Working example:

    PHP Code:'s%20Air%20Madison%20Wing%20Oxford 
    The url will give you back a Prosperent affiliate url that will take your visitor to the closest matching product from our highest converting merchant at that moment.

    Add any of the following parameters to change the format: format={text,json,jsonp}.

    jsonp example:
    PHP Code:'s%20Air%20Madison%20Wing%20Oxford 

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