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    wanted - Beta testers for a keyword scraper

    UPDATE: this beta is full. thanks

    I made a keyword scraper for use with MFP.
    Basically I wanted good starting keyword lists for each of the MFP sites I was making and I wanted to automate the process.

    So I created a bot script that uses a file of seed keywords and creates a text file of that seed name with keywords scraped from a few different places.

    This is what I would call an "overnight" bot for 2 reasons.

    1) Currently I have 5 different sites it gathers from and with a delay of 2 it takes about 10 minutes per keyword, but its fully auto pilot. I have seen from 10 to 1000 keywords outputted. I would say the average is 200-500. It would all depend on the seed keyword. Generally I use a product based seed keyword. (like dog collar vs just using dog)

    2) The bot requires "focus" which means that it needs to basically click on something in its browser window so it doesn't run in the background while you are using the computer. Might be something to run on a secondary system so it can run all the time.

    It works on my main computer just fine but finds less keywords running on my other computer. Not sure why. That is why I'm asking for a couple of testers to give it a try on other computers.


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    im interested
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