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    Network De-indexed


    I was just starting to pick up some steam, rev over 2k this month.

    My network of 70 sites was wiped out.

    My thought here is to start going with VPS's that have small batches as compared to a dedi with the whole group.

    What lengths do you all go to, to protect your network?

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    I do absolutely no promotion whatsoever and make $0 a month. So my network is fully protected. Google can suck my balls

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    ha lovely

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    Quote Originally Posted by grassr00ts View Post

    a dedi with the whole group.
    You were de-indexed because of all sites on same server?

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    Quote Originally Posted by newpappa View Post
    You were de-indexed because of all sites on same server?
    Happens all the time

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    must have had a complaint from the Goog; wondering what excuse they gave.

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    Yeah it does happen. Thats why i put up a bunch more to test out different ideas.

    Honestly probably a bit short on good content as its just the api pull

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    Yeah, I'll bet that if they were in webmaster tools you would see some manual notes.

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    so say i added webmaster tools to the site now would i still get those?

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