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    well one way to find out!

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    So i added 3 of the sites in. did not notice any messages, i will check it later on but check these out.

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    also to note the queries and and click numbers are way off

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    How is the blog setup on this forum> Not like the "old one" where you could do a follow along. I dont really want to keep it in the forum for registered users

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    Anybody hit hard today by any chance?

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    googlebot is hitting me hard

    causing me to return 503's while I fix some issues to try and alleviate server resources. even WITH that, CPU is sitting at 60% and this is behind cloudflare

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    Unfortunately I meant from the DE-indexation stand point.

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    We have so much traffic coming in that we had to disable quorum searches.

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    i had a nasty hit on Feb 21. I was able to confirm that was also seen with about 3 other users.

    2 me it seems that i get a group de-indexed every 3-4 months. But not before a strong ROI

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    When did they get disabled? Trying to figure out a timeline see if it correlates with my statistics.

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