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    Mine were manually reviewed and deindexed 3/6.

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    No I meant the quorum searches

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    So I just started running traffic using prosperent running sites similar to MFPMU about 2 months ago and I got some sites up and they were receiving around 50 - 100 clicks a day after about 2 - 3 weeks of getting indexed by google
    Then on the 21st of February Google did a deindex wave on my sites and deindexed about 80% of my sites I had setup. And since then I have been getting more sites up but it seems as if they are taking a lot longer to get indexed and starting to receive traffic then they did before the big deindex on the 21st.
    Does anyone who has been running prosperent on MFPMU sites successfully for a long period of time have any input as to what could be currently going on? And if this is just a normal occurrence and things should start to go back to normal in a few weeks.

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