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    Build affiliate links for social media, newsletters, ebooks, and more!

    Have you ever wanted to monetize links in social media posts, an e-mail newsletter, or inside of an ebook? Prosperent can monetize these links without having to use javascript!

    Simply grab a url to any page for the merchant you would like to link to and drop it, along with your Prosperent api key into the url below. Prosperent will automatically generate an affiliate url that you can use almost anywhere!

    Here is a working example for Zappos:
    PHP Code: 

    Don't want to bother with a merchant url? No problem. You can also use a product name instead. Replace <phrase> with your product name, replace <your api key> with a valid api key:

    PHP Code:<PHRASE>&apiKey=<YOUR API KEY> 
    Working example:

    PHP Code:'s%20Air%20Madison%20Wing%20Oxford&apiKey=b85f3b3c89a1299467cdb404747da915 
    Visiting this url in your web browser will give you back a Prosperent affiliate url that will take your visitor to the closest matching product from our highest converting merchant at that moment. You can then send that url through a url shortener if you want like

    Another option is to check out We have partnered with them to provide this feature on top of their comprehensive publishing platform. Sign up, and within your project select the "project" drop down menu. Click "Monetize/Affiliate Links" and enter your Prosperent api key. Whenever you share links anywhere on Shareist, we will automatically monetize them for you. We use Shareist to manage all of our Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Blogger, and linkedin posts. Urls shortening and tracking is built in, so all you have to do is drop in a non affiliated url and share it!
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