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Thread: Filter for IP?

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    Filter for IP?

    Is there anyway to add filter to analytics such that clicks from our development efforts are not tracked/reported?

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    That's really something you would want to do on your end in your development environment. You can setup conditions to prevent clicks from going through that originate from a set list of ip's. I would hate to add a check on our end since we have thousands of clicks coming through each second. Slowing those down, by even a fraction of a second impacts performance and user experience quite a bit.

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    What I do when developing, is to cache a copy of the data (copy/paste it to a file, and read the file instead of hitting the end-point)

    Comes in handy when processing data and getting that right. Once that's sorted, I switch to calling the API again and run a few more tests.

    That way I'm not endlessly hitting the end-point.

    Another thing you could do is to setup a specific API key for your development efforts. This way you can just exclude that key (or campaign now?) from the analytics

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    Thanks. Ultimately we'll likely get an integration and staging server set up, along with the production version. But hopefully that is some time off

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