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    Reporting updates

    We are working on revamping the user interface and reporting. We would love some feedback and suggestions from our users.

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    On the reporting front, it seems that you guys provide a lot of information already. Now the aesthetic presentation of that information, on the other hand, could use some tweaking. Granted, there are sophisticated users out there would simply "get it" and wouldn't change a thing. But in order to be more appealing to a larger slice of the population, consider taking a simpler initial presentation of all that information.

    Here's my thoughts, for what they're worth. Maybe they're good, maybe there's bad, but here it goes ...

    Simply put, all users (from novice to advanced) want to know how much they're earning with Prosperent, and they want to know how much they'll be getting paid the next time payments go out. With this in mind, there could be a couple of summary boxes presented when folks click on the "my account" button in a nice "Cloudflare-eque" format:

    Box 1: How much you earned yesterday.
    Box 2: How much you earned since your last payment.
    Box 3: How much your next anticipated payment will be.
    Box 4: The date of the anticipated payment.

    These boxes could have accompanying pie charts detailing which merchants have contributed to the earnings on the per-individual-publisher level. It would also be cool if another pie chart appeared next to this one for the global-publisher level. For example, "31% of your total earnings have come from 6PM.COM." And under the second pie chart, "23% of all publisher earnings came from 6PM.COM thus far this month."

    This information could be used to promote a specific merchant due to their global success rate. And conversely, if a particular merchant has shown a high percentage of reversals or negative adjustments on the global level, individual publishers might decide to promote a different merchant selling similar things ... perhaps such a merchant could even be recommended right in the interface.

    Breakdowns -- "Commission Report"
    Once we know the dollar amount earned (or adjusted), we can then break down the sum into its component parts according to merchant, brand, keyword, referral domain, etc. The information a publisher can take away from this will be rich and quick: "most of my earnings are coming from Google," or "most of my earnings are coming from 6PM," or "most of my earnings are coming from domain X," or "most of my earnings are coming from sales of brand y." On the global level under the global pie chart, if an individual publisher sees that Nordstrom sales are skyrocketing, and clicks on the global pie chart for more detail, they could see which particular products from Nordstrom are the ones causing the skyrocketing on the global level and choose to promote them as well on the individual level.

    Like I said, all of this information is already there in the interface. But the end user should be able to glance at the report, and have all the relevant information without thinking too much or searching around too much in order to decipher what the big picture means. It should be plainly obvious what the information means ... especially in relation to the "whole" of both their earnings as an individual and to the "whole" of all Prosperent publishers. Those desiring more detail could click on a pie chart or box and "drill down" the sum total into its component parts on both their individual level an on the global level.

    Recommended promotions
    Here's something somewhat related to the point I was making above regarding the global success rate. Perhaps another API endpoint could be created dedicated to nothing more than to the highest commission-earning items and to special, time-limited merchant offers such as for an individual item that qualifies for a temporary higher commission rate. Items in the trends endpoint and in the products endpoint are not necessarily the highest commission earning items -- they reflect the items actually sold or the items for sale -- but gathering up all those high-commission gems (those items you want to sell, but have not necessarily been sold) under one end point would give even the most novice publisher something that could make them (and Prosperent) money. Of course, it follows that an expensive item will lead to a higher commission share and might skew the results in this endpoint to reflect only high dollar items in general. Therefore this endpoint should reflect a combination of (a.) only those products from merchants with the highest commission payouts, (b.) only those products that have been shown to sell across the global network, and (c.) only those products that merchants want to promote for a limited time. I guess the real difference between this endpoint and the trends endpoint would be the difference between what actually has been sold (trends) vs. similar items that would earn higher commission but may not have necessarily been sold (yet).

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    I just recently joined and haven't spent too much time checking the interface out yet so sorry if some of the things I mention are already implemented in some way
    ^ all of what nite said would be awesome to have added in, especially the earnings since last payment box and the pie charts for which merchants contributed the most to the earnings individually and globally

    Some other things that would be neat to see is real-time reporting

    Also if we could get some kind of daily / weekly / monthly earnings report built into one list, here is a screenshot of what I am talking about on another tracking platform I am using, with some seriously professional paint editing done by yours truly.

    If we could have something like that under the earnings graph where the top sid's, top brands etc are at
    Or even something like the daily performance tab, but have it so you can show weekly and monthly performance aswell

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    More consistency in commissions, right now commissions appear, disappear and move around and they are very hard to keep track of. Commissions of course will be reversed and extended, but we need a better way to keep track of them. Figuring out how much were making per day needs to be easier.

    Quicker updating of commissions, would be nice to see commissions that were made in the morning later that evening.

    Display where clicks are coming from, I know you said this is resource intensive. Doesn't need to be anything complex, maybe just this many clicks came from, this many from so we can see which of our sites are generating a lot of clicks but maybe with no conversions so we can tweak it.

    Not sure what your currently using for the commission interface, but it is extremely unreliable. I'll login, click yesterday's commission report and it'll say zero. I'll refresh and they will show, I'll refresh and they disappear again? Some sort of caching issue? This happens on both my desktop with firefox and my mobile with chrome.

    More mobile friendly, its currently somewhat usable on my galaxy s4 with he latest version of chrome but there is quirks. Like on the commission tab, if I try to download a commission report the pop-up window goes off screen about 90% of the time not allowing me to click ok to get the .csv. I don't expect a fully mobile version of the interface, but bugs like this, if fixed would be much appreciated.

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    upcoming payments , like u show total paid payments.

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