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    Cool OpenSky - Half of the orders show $0 earnings

    Hello All

    2 days ago I had 9 orders from Opensky. Half of them posted $0 earnings.

    I figured they would post the following day but did not.

    What would cause a $0 earnings on half of my sales from that merchant?

    Is this common thing with the network or just to this merchant


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    It means they were returned, or canceled right after they were ordered. You can click the + next to the $0 commissions to see the transaction history. Might just be a merchant with a high return rate for example.

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    Yeah just seemed weird. Did an email for an item and sold 9. The first day we saw the 9 sales post only 4 had $ associated with them. So these orders never had time to be shipped or returned. It just seems weird that over 50% of the orders were cancelled.

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    That will happen if the order is canceled for whatever reason right after the order is placed. We will get a new record and an adjusted transaction from the network/merchant in the same report. We still display it to you for transparency, but the order never actually had any value in that case.

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