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    Give a warm welcome to Prosperent Ashley

    Please welcome the newest member of the Prosperent team, our new marketing director Prosperent Ashley. Ashley has several years of experience in marketing and social media. One of her goals will be to help all of our publishers build a more engaged audience by expanding your social reach.

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    Thanks Brian! I am very excited to join the company.

    Please join us on social media to receive advice on how to build your audience using social media. Pick your favorite platform and like or follow!


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    I was gonna say I've seen more prosperent posts via social media lately

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    Thanks all! I'm really interested to hear from you all what you want to see on social media. Are you interested in growing your audience using social media or content marketing? I run across great information on that all the time, which I plan on reposting. I'm assuming users enjoy seeing some of the behind the scenes with our server set up, so I've shared some of Brian's photos. Any other ideas about what you want to hear from us?

    Thank you for the welcome!

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    I'd like you to use more channels available to you when you do repost. I don't have facebook anymore, so twitter will be nice to follow up on any interesting articles on how to promote / grow audience

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    show us the cash vault lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by hodalex View Post
    show us the cash vault lol
    It's all in bitcoins yo

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