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    Overall Performance vs Commission Report Earnings


    Why commission report and overall performance show different amount of earnings? is it normal? The difference is around $35, the earnings in the overall performance page is a higher than in commission report. Which one is the correct report?

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    It looks like a bug with the way the default filters are being applied to the commission report. If you click on the "type" column and disable the "mine" filter, the numbers are identical in both reports.

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    Hi Brian,

    after doing what you said, the earnings is the same for both tab, but I just checked that the earnings in earning breakdown tab is still the same with the previous earnings shown in commission report (which is lower than the earnings in the overall performance tab). So, is the lower earnings the correct report?

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    I'm not sure what you are saying now. Can you step me through the reports you are looking at? If you are looking for how much you are getting paid, it is here:

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    Thanks for following up with me via pm. The Overall Performance report shows everything with no filters applied. In your case, you had filters applied in the commission report which cause it to show the slightly different numbers. You can click on a column to see which filters you have applied to the data.

    For the Earnings Breakdown, There is a bug which we will take care of. The way the data is grouped is wrong for some of the results. Commission Type will show the correct amount, but other selections will not because the data needs to be grouped twice. We will take care of that.

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