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    Commission type wierdness

    I don't know if anyone have brought this up before, but some days in the stats under commission type I'm having 2 rows saying mime. They each have different $$ and amount of transactions. Only the first line matches all the other data accessible from the dropdown menu. The data from the 2nd line is nowhere to be found other places in the stats.

    Is that a bug or what is it?

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    It's a bug in the interface, but the amounts reported are correct. We will try to fix that here this morning. Thanks for the heads up.

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    Ok, a fix is rolling out to the cluster. We verified it in your account

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    Thanks! The numbers makes a lot more sense now

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    Yeah, we're overhauling the commission system right now, not only to make reporting faster (hourly updates), but also to make the interface less confusing.

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