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    Commission Range

    Is there any way to know what commission rate we will actually receive? Is the range dependent on volume, or is it based on what product the user purchases?

    I'm running a cashback site, so how do I know how much I can tell the users I'll give them?

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    It's based on what they purchase. Some merchants have different rates based on the product purchased, so we try to give you the entire range. Typically a cash back site will use the higher number and say "up to X% cash back". You could easily have a tooltip, or link in your FAQ somewhere that explains that it differs based on what they purchase.

    Also be sure to exclude Zappos and 6pm from your cash back site. They don't work with incentive sites at all anymore.

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    Adventurelink has products in the product endpoint but no commission info in the merchant endpoint. If I recall from what you have previously said that is because no sale has every been made through Prosperent. It's a catch 22 though -- because I'm reluctant to promote them unless I have some idea about what they pay. Do they not provide any kind of guidance that can be reported to us?

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    We don't bother manually trying to scrape that data from each merchant since it is updated as soon as a single sale is recorded. We have competitive rates with everyone we work with.

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    Ok, just to make sure I understand -- if I go to the specific merchant site and read about their affiliate rates, I can assume those are in the neighborhood of what you would get too, right?

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