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Thread: htaccess issues

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    htaccess issues


    I am using the prosperent wordpress plugin and everything works great as expected! The only problem i noticed is that when i click a merchant that has .com at the end like for example i get "Internal Server Error" on the page - it must have to do something with the htaccess - is their any quick fix for that?

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    Does this happen when you are clicking on the merchant facet? Or somewhere else? Let me know and I'll look into this.

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    Hi thanks for responding, yes it happens when i click on the merchant either at the filter or on the product page. It happens only for merchants that have .com at the end of their names like,, etc

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    Could you PM your .htaccess and I'll compare it to some of the test blogs. Thanks.

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    Hello, i have sent you the htaccess.

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