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    SEO titles on search queries


    I am using the wordpress plugin - i noticed that when i do a search query the title remains the default that wordpress has - is it possible to make the search query to be H1 as title of the page? I need that since i constructed the menu based on the search queries and that optimization would be awesome for Google! Any advice on how to do it would be much appreciated!


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    Check out the Advanced settings in the plugin. You can change the title to include the query and some other things. It works for the majority of themes.

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    Hello Brandon,

    I did but it acts weiredly - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt, most of the cases it doesn't! Can i do it manully? I would appreciate if you could send me the code. I will buy you a beer if you help me out

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    I just noticed that the reason the query in the advanced section is not working as page title structure is because it doesn't keep/save the changes for some reason and it always reverts to wordpress default! Any idea why?

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