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    Why can't we see clicks per merchant?

    I think this is the only network I have worked with where it isn't available. Why?

    Or did I miss it somewhere?

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    We can look at implementing it when we roll out the new reporting.

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    and clicks per SID.. please

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    You would be able to group by any data node we return just like the commission system. We didn't do clicks before because of hardware costs, but now that we own our own servers, a lot of that is mitigated.

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    please please please

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    We will launch this next week as an api endpoint. That should get it out to you as quickly as possible since the interface updates will take a few months (other big tasks ahead of it). At the start I plan to have 30 days worth of data i nthe endpoint, and similar functionality to the commission api (grouping, sorting, filtering).

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    Now we just need someone (Azid where are you ) to throw together a quick php script

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