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    Prosperent_Api.php is no longer supported by Prosperent

    We have placed the Prosperent_Api class in GitHub so that you will still have access to the code. We decided to deprecate it because it provides additional overhead than just using native php functionality. We also wanted to provide other languages but did not want to maintain a separate class for each language. Instead, we now provide very simple examples on how to use the API. The API class will still work going forward but new functionality will not be added by us. If you are a fan of the class, please feel free to make updates to it in GitHub so that others may use it as well.

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    I'm not sure if this is feasible or asking for a lot, but it would help everyone's code stay stable if you could put all future new updates into separate versions of your API and continue to support all versions at the same time. So as an input parameter, users could pass in the requested version number and get all the API features of that version. Then users would have a choice whether to modify their code to take advantage of the new features or stick with a lower API version that they initially wrote their code against. Thanks

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    We only maintain the currrent version of the api code. We do our best to keep that code backward compatible and will let you know ahead of time if something is about to be deprecated which is rare. As far as using Prosperent_Api.php, there is no reason to use that class. It is far easier to use the simple example code which is basically what the class does anyway. The class is just a wrapper that provides unnecessary overhead.

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    Thanks, I started migrating to the new way

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