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    Unhappy What is your CTR

    Hi All,

    I got very sad to see the CTR and conversation ration.

    I am getting good traffic for past 3 week. Out of ~1000 to 1500 page views I am only getting 60 to 75 hits and conversation is 0.47% and EPC is .02$ is this stats is normal with prosperent

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    It depends on what you are promoting, your traffic source, and of course, how well you filter junk clicks on your end (we don't do it). I can tell you that network wide across all 14,000 affiliates we work with, the conversion rate is close to 1%, so you are definitely far below the "norm". YOu are also several times below the average epc. I would work on your landing page quality, or traffic source quality. Also, again, be sure you are checking your traffic and filtering accordingly.

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    All my traffic was from Google serp. I don't know how to filter junk clicks i am using the histats to track the traffic.

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    Work on the quality of your sites, and research how to increase conversion rates. Given the stats you posted, that's where I would start. Split test different layouts and work on getting better at converting your traffic.

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    Agree with Brian, you need some more sites and spend times for testing and tweaking until you find the right formula.

    the easiest way and to save lots of time (but requires some coding skill) is to imitate the layout of top retailers like amazon, zappos or many others.

    This month so far, my conversion rate is close to 5%, waiting for my new sites to produce sales and working on to add more sites to boost my earning LOL...

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