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    why doesn't this work?

    Hi, if I do a trends query for baseball for the last 30 days I get lots of fairly relevant results. Same thing for football. But if I combine the two and use relevancy of .7, I only get 2 results. Since .7 for 2 items is supposed to return a match for 1 or more of the terms, I expected lots of results for either baseball or football. That's how it works for the product endpoint, and I thought the relevancy is supposed to work the same way across all endpoints.

    Here's the API:

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    I think you misunderstand the relevancy threshold. There's not a lot of terms that match both "baseball" and "football" or parts thereof.

    Search for either baseball OR football and you'll get a ton of results.

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    I think I do understand, AcidRaZor. As I've been using it for products it has been working great for a variety -- ie either baseball or football. Using .7 for 2 products = 1.4 which rounds to 1, and therefore the results will be 1 or the other. I would expect the same kinds of results for the trends endpoint, but there it appears to be trying to match both instead of one or the other. It is as if the relevancyThreshold works as advertized for the products endpoint but not for the trends endpoint.

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    We'll look into this

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    Any idea when you will get to this? I'm setting up queries for categories, and will probably want to use trends for generic categories instead of products, but I can't think of a better approach other than to use a low relevancy threshhold with several terms.

    Also, can my limit be upped to 10,000? 1000 is giving me too many repeat results in some general categories, even after I shuffle the data array..
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