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    Does image masking help your SEO?

    Hi guys,

    Just curious, does image masking help your SEO? If so then would you like to share the right and effective way to implement image masking?


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    It helps since Prosperent is now part of Adblock's rules. Can't really say if it helps SEO though. To me, if you build a thin affiliate site, Google will slap you down regardless of method of masking images or not.

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    Then, please tell how to implement image masking without google knows the redirect happening under the hood?

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    As acid pointed out, a thin affiliate site is a thin affiliate site. Having said that, there may be some benefit to masking images from an SEO standpoint since you would then have fewer outbound links on each page. Stay tuned. We may have a solution for this here soon.

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    @Brian : that sounds good, any estimation when that nice feature rolls out? I'm using the API not the plugin so I hope that the solution covers publishers who have custom sites.


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