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    naive question about what triggers a commission

    I'm new to affiliate marketing. If a user clicks on an API product, what triggers a payment? Does the user have to buy THAT product for me to get paid? What if the user buys OTHER products? How long a period of time does this apply for (ie cookie stored for how long)? And, same kinds of questions for the coupons--does the user have to use the coupon code, and what if he buys other products the code doesn't apply to?

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    The user can purchase any product. In many cases the person buys something other than what they clicked. Cookies can vary from a few hours to a year, but the majority are around 30-60 days. For coupons, it also sets a cookie when the click the url, so you don't have to use the coupon code, and you don't have to purchase what was specified in the coupon.

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    Thanks Brian. All good!

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