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    Cool karma returns to punch ebay

    making long story short

    there are many people who made money from organic traffic by building sites for ebay and making them stronger. its the affiliates who made them really stronger. They were with CJ prior may 2008 i think.

    Post may 2008 they moved in-house with updated agreement like mainting of server logs & requiring quality content (they themsevles dont know what is great quality) and started axing many affiliates within 6 months of moving to in-house. They hold the money saying they cant pay unless server logs are given. I was with HG where they rotate logs every 7 days whereas ebay was asking for 30days and lost quite a good amount of money during the axing.

    The reason behind mass axing was because they wanted to cut the affiliate payouts to save money during recession (agreed but probably they should have reduced commission to affiliates, talked and explained) rather disguised under low quality site & server log maintenance, and one MBA guy working for ebay found, ebay site is ranking no#1-3 for all keywords and affiliate is ranking beyond it so why they pay for affiliate, and that was the question ? why should they pay affiliates who are ranking after and front of ebay site when people will definitely goona click ebay link. So axe everyone !.

    All was fine for them after axing many affiliates until google punched ebay for low quality pages . 80% of traffic loss now for them

    Moral of story to merchants : Treat affiliates who drive traffic & money for you wisely & reasonably. Now i dont think many will return to ebay considering many have found alternatives long ago.

    Now ebay will bleed.

    An initial analysis from SearchEngine Journal estimated eBay saw a 33% drop in Google search traffic following algorithm changes, and SEO firm Wordstream estimated eBay had "lost around 75%" of its keyword terms from Page 1 of Google's results.

    More here
    eBay study warns search ads have 'no measurable benefit'
    More Evidence That Google Is Hurting eBay

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    so you have a list of affiliate networks that performs shady practices and/or stealing from their affiliates? would you like to share the lists including the proofs? that would help others to save time and stay away from those bad affiliate networks.

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