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    Getting A Lot Of My Sites Deindexed Recently

    Hey, the past 2 months a lot of my prosper sites keep getting deindexed about a week or two after getting setup, this is with even using a few different templates on my sites. And was wondering if anyone else has been having this problem aswell, or if anyone knows what could be causing this, thanks!

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    Nope not really. Try and build your sites with a bit more content than just a prosperent shop. That's why they're concentrating on wordpress plugin. It makes it easy for you to monetize content, than to have a thin affiliate shop somewhere just sitting there not doing anything.

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    if you choose to play the thin affiliate shop then regular deindex is the norm, especially if you put all your sites in one basket (hosting account). in my opinion, template doesn't help.

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    Thanks for the reply guys, I know regular deindex is normal when it comes to thin affiliate sites, but what I am having atm with my sites getting deindexed after a week or two isn't the normal usual deindex as far as I know

    I am also using cloudflare so as far as I know you cannot tell all of the domains hosted on a server when using cloudflare

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    Doesn't matter, and I've seen sites deindexed that fast, especially if there's a nice big ol' footprint and especially with the new algorithms out.

    beef up your sites by publishing actual content to it. I do more with 3 sites than I did with 30 and the constant loom of "deindex" previously

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    Does it help to have the 'thin' shop link to pages with lots of content, or do the 'thin' pages themselves HAVE to have a lot of content on them?

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    It's not normal to get deindexed unless your site offers no value. Build out some content (blog, forum, etc). This site has been alive for years with no extra promotion:

    That site alone has brought me over 13K in paid commissions so far. The secret? It's attached to a message forum that has content.

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    This is all pretty new to me. My site is basically a coupon site. Not yet up. I have not been planning to have a blog or forum. I was thinking of including internal pages with content, but the actual search pages would for the most part just be typical: product based with coupons and products displayed. Would the fact that the product pages link to pages with related or other content be helpful as far as ranking with Google? Or, do I really have to have an something like an active blog on my site?

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    Your site is viewed as "thin" if there is 0 additional content (other than products and searching) on it. If you have content, ANY (quality) content that helps users decide on products or something to the effect (like Brian suggested) a forum where they can discuss things, then it's no longer a thin affiliate site since you don't offer JUST products/searching on there anymore.

    The reason why the OP was deindexed (and I'm pretty sure of this) is because of manual reviews. Google employs people to do searches and mark stuff as relevant or non-relevant. So if you're ranking for "adidas shoes reviewed" and the reviewer gets to a product with no actual review or anything adding value, they will push you in the "spam" pile. A good way to find out the reason for the deindex is to register on Google Webmaster Tools to check. They have beefed up their response to users to usually include tips on what they found wrong and how to fix.

    Algorithms are then written to automate this process as much as possible. So a deindex doesn't necessarily mean you're gone forever, it simply means you need to action what is wrong on your site to get it back. A spammer won't care, would dump the site, and just create a new one. Even if you rotate your templates or think you're being clever, 9 times out of 10 you will be slapped by Google's big fat cock.

    Add content to your site. If starting a new site, look at the sandbox times reported across the internet. Or buy an expired domain with no previous spam footprint and use that to start with BUT BUILD CONTENT. It doesn't cost much more than hosting the site, to having good quality content written for it. Or if you like to dance with the devil, scrape content and spin it.

    The focus in the last 3 years have shifted quite a bit. Even though some people make it work for a while, I'm willing to bet those still making money have shifted their efforts to bringing forward sites with more content and ranking for those keywords rather than focussing on mass building product sites.
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    Thanks Acid. I have hired a marketing guy who will be helping with the content issues. Sucks that a site that doesn't 'need' content for its business model 'needs' content in order for google to rank it high enough to matter (probably).
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