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    This is a big part of the reason we're shifting focus to social media and content instead of just product rankings. We're experimenting with these strategies on a beta group of websites, we'd love for you to join us.

    You can sign up here:

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    Thanks Ashley. I've been waiting to 'launch' before signing up, which I plan to. Still haven't resolved the domain name even! Hopefully ready in next few weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tedm View Post
    Thanks Acid. I have hired a marketing guy who will be helping with the content issues. Sucks that a site that doesn't 'need' content for its business model 'needs' content in order for google to rank it high enough to matter (probably).
    If you look at any of the retailers you are affiliating with, or even other affiliates like etc, they have a TON of content and articles and reviews. Zappos for example has size measurement charts, conversion charts and a "shoe digest" and posts regularly about the "zappos culture". That's value-add which google is looking for. If you just have a site that lists products, you're not adding value, especially if you're not an online retailer, but an affiliate linking to someone else.

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    Much of that content is worthless and shouldn't get much attention from Google or anybody else. I get your point but that doesn't mean I have to like it or that Google has figured out what really matters to consumers. I don't have a site that 'just' lists products. The way of listing them makes a difference. And what they are paired up with and how relevant it is 'should' make a difference to the consumer. But will it matter to Google?

    Googles' measure of content 'Value' appears to have a significant subjective aspect. If I offer something that few others offer as well as I do, then it has value. I do so without a lot of worthless content. Google is not my friend. But, they are king and I have to play by their rules. Hopefully their measures of ACTUAL value (ie usage/links, etc..) verses their theoretical 'content' value will help.

    Maybe Bing is the way to go. Aren't they about 1/3 the cost per click?
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    @tedm : so you know how to optimize for Bing? would love to hear your tips
    Based on my experience, Bing is quite picky ..

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    Hi fashion king. I don't know squat about Bing, just that I read it is 1/3 the cost of Google per click and that once someone has gotten some info in google's Analytics program it transfers over easily to Bing. If both of these are true statements it would seem a no-brainer to try Bing. One thing I am certain of: There is a serious need for a competitor to Google for the sake of consumers.
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    Facebook, twitter, etc are all major competitors, and serious concerns for Google. That is why they started Google+ in the first place. It gives them access to demographic information that is ultra valuable for ad targeting. Organic search should only be part of your marketing effort.

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    Yes, I understand that now if you don't have a Google+ account for your site it really hurts in organic ranking -- that in essence Google is forcing people to use something they don't even like. Oh well, the wheels keep on turning, and there are options for creative marketers, i'm sure.

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    Today I will tell you all my experience with Bing and Google.
    On 1st of February this year I purchased absolutely new 100 .com domains and hosted them in batches of 10 on ten different shared web hosting all using the same template and same Prosperent script but all 100 had different niches and keywords. No unique content only content which was there was which I got from Prosperent API.
    Near mid March all these 100 sites got de-indexed by Google and by that time the total earnings from Google traffic was about $350 on these sites. Till then I had no other traffic and earning dropped to zero on this lot. I mentally wrote off these sites and let them stay on the hosting as I had paid for 6 months.
    By Mid of April I noticed a small trickle of income from these sites in my Prosperent stats, and on investigation I found the the sites were getting traffic from Bing. This kept on increasing and in time to come yahoo traffic also started rolling in.
    In the coming months from Mid April till Mid July these lost lot of sites in Goolge have made me over $1200 and still continuing to earm.

    Lesson learned NEVER FORGET OR UNDER ESTIMATE THE POWER OF BING AND YAHOO. Combined Bing and Yahoo have made me 3.5x what was earned from Google traffic. BUT BING and Yahoo are very picky and choosy on the domains they index.

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    Very interesting ekgrin. Thanks for sharing that. Can you elaborate on your last sentence some?

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