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    Making the Shop a Static Front Page in WordPress

    Updated for Version 4.2:

    If you are interested in using the store as your static front page, follow the below steps.
    1. Create a new page, set this new page to your static front page.
    2. Add the ProsperShop short code to the new page and save it.
    3. Visit your Non Static Front Page shop page.
    4. Visit the front page and test.

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    Dear Mate,
    I follow the step 1 and step 2. My store is not working. I create two pages. The 1st one is called 'Store' and the 2nd is called 'Products'.
    I put the short code '[prosper_store][/prosper_store]' onto the both pages. I go to setting ->Reading to set 'Store' page as front page.
    Then my store appears, but when you click any product link, it goes to the store page and does not show the detailed product page. Also I click the 'Visitor' stock, it returns error page 'not found'. Meanwhile, when I click any brand or merchant link on the left of the store page, it does nothing. It is not working. Please visit my site

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    This is no longer needed as the plugin does this automatically for static front page shops.

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