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    Statistics are empty?

    When I go into my reports page, the statistics are showing clicks, but the tabs at the bottom that appear like they should show me where the clicks are coming from, are all empty.

    I'm assuming the bottom section is only set to show actual commissions earned? Is there anywhere I can go to see data on where the clicks are coming from?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Clicks stats are only shown in the clicks api, not reported in the current stats page. We only show commission data.

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    One other question, are commissions updated in real time, or when approved? Like if I generate a commission today, would it register in my reports today, or not till a later date?

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    We update commission daily with the previous days earnings. Some merchants do batch updates, so it may take a couple days for a commission to show up while others are near realtime. We're rolling out hourly commission reporting here in the next few days, so those merchants that do realtime updates will show up as soon as a sale comes in.

    I should also note that we are working on a new user dashboard, and one of the features will be more click level reporting. We're rolling this out in stages, but you can already see the first release here:

    We're starting on the second phase in the next couple days.

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