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Thread: Sample help...

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    Sample help...

    I am looking to make a PHP version of the ad banner that looks up a UPC / Man-Stock-Number (only, not as a keyword) - no scraping the page, no store rotations => just the lowest 2 stores found for that exact product... I basically want to be able to have multiple of these on a page, pass the variable to the banner => and have ONLY that product shown for the best two prices (same look at feel as the anner ad)...

    Is this possible with the API? If so, any starter code that might help me?

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    Why not use their current Ads for that? They do that and more

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    The issue is the "and more" portions that I can not seem to get turned off... It's a very specific need, but the ads have not been able to get that dialed in. I love the look and feel of the ads, just need them to function in a slightly different manor...

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    They do read off of the content of your site and your previous browsing patterns, thats why you wont necessarily see footballs on your football site, but engine parts (for example) because thats what you viewed/clicked on on other sites.

    You could use the api to get the image and link and generate an ad from that?

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    Yeah, that is kind of what I was looking to do - was hoping someone had a sample like that already made so I did not have to re-invent the wheel...

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    very much doubt it sorry

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