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    Is their a way I can add to page the shop to start out with celebrities search?

    I am trying to create a page and inserting the "shop" code but I would like to show with it starting out with Celebrity Products instead of having to select it. Not too knowledgable with code but can make handle it once I know how too.
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    At the moment you can't do this with the prosper shop short code, unless you only want the celebrity shop.

    If you only want the celebrity shop, and none of the others (Products, Coupons and Local), just unselect the others in the Prosper Shop Settings.

    Otherwise if you want the other shops as well, but want to seperate the Celebrity side, the best way is:

    Go to Appearance -> Menus
    On the left side of the Page, you should see a small toolbar that says Pages, Links, then Categories under that.
    Click Links, enter the URL of your shop:
    Link Text will be the name you want displayed. So from your picture name it Celebrity Merchandise
    That should do it, I will be doing some work to the Celebrity products side this Friday, it needs to be updated.

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