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    Daily Performance Stats

    Hi guys,

    Wanna ask on the daily performance stats, on the campaigns i choose show all im able to see number of clicks and so on. But im not able to view the stats especially clicks if i choose a particular campaign. Is there anyway to view the stats namely the number of clicks for a particular campaign or API or SID ? Thanks

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    We're getting ready to retire the current reporting and user back end in favor of the new system we have been working on. If you would like to see a specific feature, let us know over here:

    We have a click api endpoint, but we only keep 30 days worth of click data at any given time. What we could likely start with is a modification to the new "top sid's" in the new dashboard. We could add in click counts for each sid in that report, then later add a detailed sid report that shows more data. This should at least let you track how sid's are performing for you.

    If you aren't already using SID's for tracking, be sure to start. Going forward we aren't going to allow people to create multiple api keys (if you already have them, that's fine). SID tracking is far more flexible.

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