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    Deprecating the use of multiple API keys

    Here shortly, we are getting rid of the option to add multiple api keys to your account. Instead, we will give you a single api key when you sign up. You will need to use SID's to track performance. SID's are far more flexible too since you can name them anything you want, and give them multiple levels of detail.

    Assume you want to track performance across multiple servers. Simple, start your SID's with a server identifier:


    Using the above example your sid can be broken down and filtered to the server, the domain, or the keyword level.

    What if I already have multiple api keys? That's fine, they will still work, but you aren't going to be able to modify them or add more.

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    While I agree that SIDs are much better than multiple API keys; I do make use of two keys. One I have designated as a test key and set the "Log Impression in the Search Endpoint" to "No".

    Will the new system continue to 'honor' the no logging on this key? Is there a better way to set up a test site so that impressions are not logged? When I develop an API site, I make sure all clicks go to a 'dummy test page' rather than through to the merchant so is this 'logging impressions' even important?

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    That can be handled on your end just like you have done already. Make your clicks go t oa dummy page instead of the merchant and you are golden. No need for multiple keys, just simple code changes on your test environment.

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    if we format our keys as with above example, would prosperent's interface be able to pick up and filter on those 3 (or more) parts?

    Yes yes, I know I can handle it in code myself, but I kind of like the new dashboard

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    Yes, that will be part of the filtering interface

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